Tuesday, February 10, 2009

loving my GPS

Probably most of you have one already. DH and I tend to run a bit late getting things, knowing we'll get there (the land of modern technologies) eventually. A few days ago we got a Tom Tom. Today I had the unbelievable pleasure of putting it to use. Oh my. It even beeps when I go over the speed limit. Not that I would ever do that... It not only got me safely to my destination, but by simply pressing "home" it got me back home. No wrong turns. No unwanted sight seeing. I am the queen of getting lost no more. So, today I am thankful for technology and the ease of using it. No more hurried prayers "do I turn here or there?" just a leisurely trip listening to "turn right in 500 feet." Sigh. I'm ready for a road trip.


Pat said...

You know what...I think I'd love one too. I never go any where but if I did, I think that would be a great stress reliever. I get very nervous when I don't know where a street or exit is.
Good for you guys...drive safely!

Deb said...

They are great to have! I never remember to take my gps with me unless I'm geocaching---I should use it more for trips.

Blessings each day said...


I'm hoping to get a GPS soon, so it's good to hear that you're enjoying yours.
It was wonderful seeing the St Francis prayer on your blog as it is one of my favorites along with the song itself.
May I reccmmend a "cheer up/motivate" notebook? In it you write all the things to make you feel better when all you do is look at something and wish you could do it. Reading things that motivate me really helps...now where did I put that notebook?

God bless you,


Dawna said...

Thanks everyone (all three of ya) for stopping by and sorry I am not writing so much lately. Just blah. Too snowy and cold...but I appreciate your comments and now I think I better go write up a new post!! HUGS!!