Monday, February 9, 2009

cold weather treats

Today was a be nice to me day. I began by getting a massage. If you've never had one, oh, by all means try it. Nice warm lotion...just my back. I've been getting acupuncture and various alternative treatments instead of using traditional medicines to help this back pain. The jury is still out, but the massage is right up there with the best of them and seems to be helping a lot. Then I got my nails done. mmmm. Then a nice trim for my wild hair. Then tanned for ten minutes. Just long enough to warm up and put a splash of color on my cheeks.

So, how about it? Am I the only one feeling like I need to do something like this to pull myself through this never ending winter? Did it work? I think so. Sure feels nice to take good care of me today. Now does that make me egotistical? No, I believe God intends us to take good care of those we love. But that also includes ourselves. I sort of forgot me for the past few months. Time to cook some supper and nurture DH and my son. Have a blessed day. Spring is coming!

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Deb said...

good for you - you deserve it!